The World's Most Expensive Wine Costs a Cool $195,000


Cristal ain't got ish on this Château Margaux 2009.

Quite literally the world's most expensive red wine available for retail purchase, a Balthazar (12-liter bottle) of this famous Bordeaux packed in a fine oak case will run you $195,000 in US Dollars. Oh, and you can only find it at Le Clos wine shop, which happens to be located in Terminal 3 at the Dubai International Airport.



Don't fret mon frère, that cost also includes a swanky first class trip flight to France to visit the estate for tours of the vineyard and a fancy dinner. If that doesn't help to justify the extravagant cost, at least you can say you own one of six Balthazars of Château Margaux 2009 in the world.

With only three bottles of this fine wine available at Le Clos, this is the first time that Château Margaux has bottled Balthazars -- a wine they deem full of "wonderful concentration, finesse, balance and freshness."

Though the 2009 seems young for its age, the wine makers assure connoisseurs that "the Château Margaux 2009 vintage is one of the finest [they] have ever produced." Convinced yet?

PicThx Le Clos