Los Angeles Toilet-Themed Restaurant Serves 'Bloody Number Two'


Hmm, so you've read about restrooms turning into restaurants eh? Well, how about I do you one better?

Only in Los Angeles can you find the officially worst place to take a girl on a first date (or any date). Yes, a toilet-themed restaurant called Magic Restroom Cafe is now in business. It holds the "honor" of being America's first toilet-themed restaurant, but not the only one, for Taiwan has beaten us the the punch (what a shame right?). The chairs are toilets and the food is served to you in bowls that look like toilets, along with meals named "Bloody number two" (which is a vanilla strawberry sundae) and black poop (chocolate sundae).


How anyone keeps their appetite while eating is mystery to me. We've yet to get word on whether their bathroom is restaurant-themed but you can keep your fingers crossed.


H/T Eater + PicThx Elizabeth Daniels