Spam Nuts are Real and Totally Not a Porno Title


Spam and Macadamia Nuts. Two things that have virtually nothing in common other than they're popular in Hawaii and I have a can of each in the glove compartment of my car. But it looks like they'll have one more thing in common as the Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co. has released Spam-flavored Macadamia nuts to join in union two of Hawaii's tasty staples.

The nuts are dusted with a seasonal Hormel blend for that spam-flavored taste, meaning there sadly won't be chucks of Spam in each bag. Still, I'd very much like to try a bag just to say I did. Especially if I end up liking it, I'll pretty much have Christmas gifts covered for my entire family.


The Spam-flavored Macadamia Nuts are available for purchase at Hawnnut for $3.95 in a 4.5 oz can and $7.75 for a 10z pouch.

PicThx Hawnnut