Taco Bell Giving Away a Free PS4 Every 15 Minutes


Although it's not quite Willy Wonka giving away his chocolate factory, this could very well be the next best thing. Promoting their new $5 Buck Box and Big Box meals, Taco Bell will be giving away free Playstation 4 consoles in a six-week long promotion.

The chain will give away the Ps4 consoles to customers who text the winning code that is found on each Buck Box or Big Box meals at participating Taco Bell locations. Tip: you can request a code via mail or online without a purchase if you're 18 or older.


Oh, and the chain will be giving away consoles roughly every 15 minutes from September 26 to November 10.

"But the Ps4 isn't on sale until after Novermeber 15!" you may say to yourself. That's right. Lucky winners will be getting a jump on their gaming before everyone else, plus a copy of the game Knack and a year-long membership to Playstation Plus.