KFC Japan Offers Chicken-Flavored Rice Balls


It seems like KFC Japan is the place to be these days. With the recent discovery that the chain would be offering Deep-Fried Soup in their Japanese chains, they're coming up with other innovative menu items to differentiate themselves from the stores in the United States. This includes their new chicken-flavored rice balls.

Based on the Japanese snack  of white rice called onigiri, KFC Japan is making a similar item flavored with chicken stock for customers to enjoy. Typically, onigiri can be made with a multitude of flavors, meats and seasonings, but it seems the chain wants to keep things simple for their customers to enjoy with their chicken. They are available for purchase at 130 yen ($1.30 US).


Though it's not deep-fried, the chicken-flavored rice balls seem like a welcome edition to KFC Japan's ever-growing menu.

H/T+ PicThx RocketNews24