SPOTTED: McDonald's Testing Chicken & Waffles


It has begun. McDonald's is taking on the chicken and waffles game, "McD's Style."

The above photo was snapped by ever-vigilant Foodbeast reader @wakko824 at an Amerige Heights location in Fullerton, California. The "Chicken & Waffles" combo includes the chain's recently debuted Mighty Wings paired with a few classic McGriddle pancakes and a side of Hotcake Syrup. We see what you did there, guys.


The move was probably the next logical step for the chain to take after the Mighty Wings launch earlier this month, as the combo simply offers existing items under a new format. However, I'm going to be the jerk that points out McDonald's is doing it wrong. Mainly because pancakes will never be delicious enough to trick us into thinking they're waffles.

C'mon McD's, did you really think we wouldn't notice?

Still, $3.99 for these, ahem, Chicken & Waffles seems reasonable for fast food home-style cooking. If you get a chance to try them out, let us know in the comments.