'Like' This Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream


Yes, Facebook-flavored ice cream exists. No, it doesn't taste like narcissism and tears.

After noticing that his 15-year-old daughter was spending a lot of time on Facebook, ice-cream maker Admir Adili was inspired to create "Facebook-flavored" ice cream. Admir brought his idea to fruition by pouring blue syrup over vanilla  ice-cream and slapping on a kitschy sign featuring the Facebook logo.



Together with his brother, Ibi Adili, the pair began selling the new flavor out of their ice cream shop in Tisnom, located on Croatia's Murter island. The cold treat proved to be a big hit with tourists this summer, although customers were probably digging the novelty of the item, rather than it's "chewing gum and candy" taste.

While the Adili brothers have yet to ask Mark Zuckerberg for permission to use the Facebook name and logo, Admir assures that "if he calls, I'll ask him."

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