A Beginner's How-to-Guide to Wine [Infographic]


Confession: I know zilch about wine. Zilch.

I'm the awkward bloke at wine tastings shifting from foot to foot, a wine glass dangling from my hand while I fruitlessly nod along to some guy explaining how a particular Sauvignon blanc carries "briny notes of the ocean" and a "velvety aged oak finish."


For those of us who draw a blank when asked to tell the difference between Shiraz and Chianti, this Beginner's Guide to Wine was made for us. The infographic covers all the basics from proper glass pairings to how long a wine is good for upon opening to correct serving temperatures. There's even a handy flow chart to help you identify all the different "wine aromas."

So, I suggest you grab a proper bottle of wine (just kidding, good 'ol Chuck will do) and check out this handy guide. You'll be a sommelier in no time -- well, probably not, but you will be drunk!

A Beginner


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