Tumblr Spotlight: Are Those Hot Dogs or Legs?


The age-old question of whether or not your legs look like hot dogs has finally been addressed by the Internet.  Are those skinny thighs or turkey franks? Tan and toned gams, or Hebrew Nationals ready for the grill? This is what we must now attempt to answer.

The Tumblr that’s taking the web by storm is called, you guessed it, Hot-Dog Legs, and features an endless scroll of what some call "the worst of all beach selfies." It’s a pretty genius way of poking fun at biddies on beaches, taking over your Instagram with the classic “legs on a beach” pose. 



There are so many different ways to experience how perfect this is. Casual hot dog legs reading a book? Check.



Hot dogs at the park? Check.


With sunglasses? Check and check.


Some might say this is a great commentary on society, highlighting once more our obsession with weight and beauty. But then again, these are pretty hilarious, and I just think some poor girl stuck inside an air conditioned office might need this to brighten up her day. What do you think of the Hot-Dog Leg takeover? Let us know in the comments!