'Nurses' Feed 'Patients' at Creepy Hospital-Themed Restaurant


And you thought the mayo restaurant in Japan was bad.

In the world of themed restaurants there’s scary, weird, and just plain uncomfortable.  But this hospital-themed restaurant in Latvia, called the Hospitalis, may take the cake for all three. It's a place where customers are treated like patients by wait-staff dressed in nurse and surgeon uniforms, food looks like something you'd see on an operating table, and drinks are served in IV bags.



White walls, mirrored ceilings, and more surgical instruments than one can reasonably be comfortable being surrounded by, contribute to the sterile and gruesome feeling of the place.



Dishes are shaped to look like body parts, and are served to be eaten with, you guessed it, more surgical instruments.


Diners can also choose to dine in a straight jacket, which is probably how you’d need to keep me in this place for more than a few minutes. That, or heavy sedation.