'Pet-Bird' Flavored Ice Cream is A Real, Edible Thing


Torimi Cafe, a peculiar spot in Japan that serves homemade treats while guests enjoy their meals surrounded by birds, recently rolled out a new feather-friendly flavor: Pet Bird-Flavored Ice Cream. 

Because you know, pizza-flavored and ramen-flavored ice cream are so banal by now.

The cafe's new flavors include Cockatiel, Java Sparrow and Parakeet, all which debuted last week at a small bird expo in Osaka. According to the business, the ice cream is made with all-natural ingredients and  “once in your mouth, the aroma of a parakeet would spread intensely.”

Oh, but it gets better.


According to Torimi Cafe, the Java Sparrow flavor evokes “the feeling of pressing the breast of a java sparrow into your mouth," while the Cockatiel ice cream emulates that moment  “when you’re sleeping with your mouth open and your cockatiel runs over your face and gets its leg in your mouth.” Happens all the time.

And to think I was so naive as to think that this "Pet-Bird" flavored ice cream would taste like chicken.

Silly me.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews24