Hilarious 'Kanye Chef' Tumblr Says 'No One Man Should Have All that Flour'

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In the midst of all the hullaballoo about Kanye West's SNL performance, his new singles and his upcoming album, we stumbled upon this shining beacon of food comedy: Kanye Chef.

The genius Tumblr reimagines what the famous rapper's lyrics and album art would be like if his only obsession was food and avoiding muffin tops. While you wait for the "Yeezus" ("Cheezus"?) release in June, check this out.


"Watch the Cone"


watch the cone

Sh*t just got cray cray . . .

that shit cray

Well, if Martha said so . . .


fritters in paris

Kanye Chef will not tolerate a lack of personal hygiene. Not in his kitchen.

monster pasta

Beware the muffin top


robocop : muffintop

And finally:

monster crescent is a present

Continue the hilarity here.

PicThx Kanye Chef