McDonald’s Planning to Serve Breakfast All Day?


Jack in the Box has got it all figured out. Fully aware that no one in his right mind would ever willingly eat their grease-drenched $1 “tacos," they instead targeted those who weren’t in their right minds (hello, hangover food!). And now it seems McDonald’s is finally catching on.


Following the success of their newly launched “Breakfast After Midnight” menu, McDonald’s is apparently wising up to the fact that select segments of the general population just happen to like starting their days at, say, 2 in the afternoon.

According to CNBC, McDonald’s President and CEO Don Thompson recently revealed in an interview that the fast food giant has “looked at” serving breakfast all day, and that the expansion could take effect sometime “in the near future.”


It’s not enough to have breakfast all day though. Why not the whole menu all day? Yes, french fries for breakfast, I see you.

For more details about future McDonald's expansion plans, click through to the link below.

H/T  Huff Po + Picthx McMassachusetts