Churro Waffles are Quite Possibly the Best Thing to Happen to Breakfast, Ever


For those who’ve never been to a theme park, state fair or any other such junk-food laden mecca of everything that still makes this nation great, listen up: Churros are sex. Deep fried, cinnamon-coated, gloriously phallic sex.

And now you can have them for breakfast, with Churro Waffles.


As described by Jasmine of Chica Chocolatina, “With one bite you are plunged into a world where both spicy and sweet live harmoniously under the Mexican sun.”

Now at this point, I could describe how the deep fried flour, cinnamon and sugar coating, melted butter and warm milk come together to create an all-too mouthwatering snack/breakfast apogee, but I’m a firm believer in allowing such beauty to speak for itself.

Go ahead, feast with your eyes.



H/T + PicThx Chica Chocolatina