Stately Sandwiches, Deconstructed Sandwich Art From Each State

Deconstructed art has always been a visual heartstring puller for me, and when food is involved, it's almost immediate love.

Stately Sandwiches is a project put together by art student and designer Kelly Pratt. The goal is to present a sandwich for each U.S. state, deconstructed and beautifully laid out on different wooden cutting boards. As of right now, 11 of the country's 50 states have had a sandwich developed and photographed.

California is portrayed by some commonly referenced ingredients, including avocado and sprouts. It's called the Powerhouse, and it includes avocado, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, Chive mayo spread, toasted mutigrain bread and an abundance of West Coast swag.


Kelly is also planning to sell prints soon, so stay tuned to her website for more good looking pieces: