TCBY Riding With the First Ever Froyo Food Truck

The Country’s Best Yogurt has revolutionized the food truck game by being the first to sell frozen yogurt out of one.


We’ve come a long way in this country from the old school soft-serve ice cream truck days, to frozen yogurt being sold out of trucks. It only took 75 years to replace the ice cream with frozen yogurt.

There is currently only one TCBY truck and it is located in Charlotte N.C. and for whatever reason, it is straying from the familiar format of running its current location on Twitter and is giving Facebook that love.

The truck made its debut May 5, at Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church and gave a portion of its first proceeds to a local boy scout group.

The country’s leading frozen yogurt distributor will be offering many of its signature low-fat, fat-free or no sugar added flavors. It will also offer a non-dairy, fat-free sorbet.


And of course, frozen yogurt would feel naked without a variety of toppings so naturally, the truck is going to offer tons of them.

TCBY currently has over 380 franchises across 47 states and even claims to have the healthiest yogurt on the market with its “Super FroYo,” a yogurt that is basically loaded with vitamins, protein and other goodies.

Here's hoping this healthy alternative catches on and frozen yogurt trucks become the new ice cream trucks. That way, after running one down for three blocks, you don't feel like you wasted that exercise and you're rewarded with a cold, healthy treat.