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How They Get the Little Papers Into Fortune Cookies [WATCH]

July 26, 2014 // 7:56 am

When the bill arrived at my family’s favorite Chinese restaurant, there would be a tiny pile of wrapped fortune cookies on top. My brothers and I would snatch them up, crack them open, then compare fortunes while we munched on the cookies. Often, we’d ponder how the makers of…

This is Why Beef Jerky is So Expensive

February 14, 2014 // 1:47 pm

You know the dilemma: You walk into a gas station and suddenly, you’re eye-fucking the beef jerky next to the sour gummy worms. Unfortunately, that $6.99 price tag for a 3 oz bag isn’t something you’re going to take lightly. 70 percent of the time, you end up walking…

Lobster Used to Be ‘The Cockroach of the Sea’ and Only Fed to Servants and Cats

February 13, 2014 // 6:00 am

When someone says “lobster” some words that might come to mind are delicacy, fancy, luxurious and most dismally, market price. However, it wasn’t always this way. Formerly regarded as “the cockroach of the sea” and fed to servants, migrants and even people’s cats, lobster was the laughing stock of seafood.…

It’s Official: Orange the Color Was Named After Orange the Fruit

January 15, 2014 // 2:07 pm

Here’s today’s just under-useful fun fact, courtesy of those indefatigable trivia-seeking peons over at Reddit. We may never know the order of gallus-ovum or ovum-gallus, but at least we can say with certainty that orange the color was in fact named after orange the fruit.

Before oranges (pomme

This Noodle Shop Has a Michelin Star but Its Most Expensive Dish is Just $5.40

October 14, 2013 // 5:00 am

Michelin stars are awarded to the crème de la crème, top tier restaurants of the world. More often than not, this translates to expensive establishments. However, the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant is a dim sum joint named Tim Ho Wan.

Located in Hong Kong, Tim Ho Wan defies…

JUST IN: Strawberries Are Not Berries, Yet Avocados and Watermelon Are

September 20, 2013 // 9:21 am

Ready to have your mind blown, your childish innocence shattered, your ideas of everything right in the world torn asunder? Strawberries are not really berries, but watermelon, pumpkins, bananas, and avocados are. It’s okay. Take a few deep breaths. We’re right here with you.

While we’ve tended to define berries…

We’ve Found the 8th Wonder of the World: Germany Has A Beer Pipeline

September 13, 2013 // 12:59 pm

Apparently, Germany knows what’s up.

While most of us associate pipelines with oil and gas, Germany is doing it right and turning them into beer pipelines. In Gelsenkirchen, Germany, bars in the Veltines-Arena are interconnected by a 5 kilometer beer pipeline. Underneath the enormous stadium are four cooling centers…

Today I Learned: Pineapples Were Actually Named After Pine Cones

July 23, 2013 // 6:00 am

Go ahead and file this under “useless information that will probably come in handy for waiting in line at the DMV.” Sure, it isn’t likely your queue-mates will have any deep-seeded fascinations with etymology or horticulture, but say it with enough enthusiasm and they should at least feel sorry…

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