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Mother Kicked Out of Restaurant for Changing Her Baby at the Table

August 13, 2014 // 12:37 pm

A mother changed her baby’s diaper at the table of a Brother’s Pizza in Spring, Texas and was promptly kicked out.

According to KHOU, Miranda Sowers tried to change her daughter’s diaper in the restroom, but there was no changing station provided in the restaurant. She didn’t…

Beer Burglar Strikes Quiet Texas Town

August 13, 2014 // 11:04 am

While worse things have been stolen during a burglary, waking up and finding all your beer missing from the fridge would be pretty upsetting.

According to KPRC, Greg Shell of Friendswood, Texas went into his garage and noticed there were 8 beers missing. You’d think there’d be a high…

Company Converts Chocolate Chip Cookies into Sparkling Water

July 25, 2014 // 3:34 pm

Suddenly, the world thinks it’s ok to turn root beer floats into Oreos and tomatoes into champagne. If you’ve already lost all faith in humanity, read on. If you still have a shred of hope for mankind, please return to scrolling through status updates on…

Drunk Guy Takes The Best, Most Hilariously Unnecessary Uber Ride Ever

July 23, 2014 // 5:15 pm

It’s hard enough just walking after having one too many drinks, let alone calling a cab, clambering in, and giving the driver an address. So if you really think about it, this guy deserves some credit for his accomplishment. Even if he was being a huge drunken jackass.


Carl’s Jr. Throws Entire Barbecue on a Burger, Dubs it Texas BBQ Thickburger

July 21, 2014 // 1:32 pm

More overloaded mega burger options from the fine (if slightly overzealous) folks from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. Because their menus were just *so* boring before.

Less an homage to barbecue season as a way to eat an entire outdoor cookout with one hand, Carl’s new Texas BBQ Thickburger is…

This Kid’s Hash Brownies Could Land Him a Lifetime Prison Sentence, You Won’t Believe Why

May 22, 2014 // 1:46 am

In one of the more unfortunate stories on this site, a teenager who allegedly baked and sold hash brownies is facing a potential lifetime prison sentence. The reason? Jacob Lavoro, a 19-year-old from Round Rock, Texas, used hash oil instead of marijuana to make the brownies, which allows the…

This Spicy Insect Crunch Roll is Sushi Made from Crickets and Worms

May 7, 2014 // 6:45 am

To many palates, raw fish is a big ol’ nasty no-no. But buried in sriracha, cream cheese, teriyaki sauce, and panko flakes? Even the pickiest eaters can be persuaded.

Maybe it’s time we applied the same logic to bugs. That’s what Texas sushi chef Peter Yung is thinking, anyway.…

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