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Watch 3 Minutes of Nerf Gun-Toting Candy Cartel Action [VIDEO]

January 10, 2014 // 7:00 am

From the dudes that brought you Office Warfare: Nerf Gun, comes a look at the dark, violent world of candies. The YouTube channel FinalCutKing welcomed another addition to the Nerf Gun saga, this time based around everyday sweets.

Titled “The Candy Cartel,” the video focuses on a candy…

First They’re Sour, Now They’re Sour Patch Kid-Flavored Gum

December 16, 2013 // 4:16 pm

Yes, we could be a little too old to get excited about this, but it’s cool dammit, so shut up. Stride has partnered with the makers of Sour Patch Kids to create a brand new line of SPK-flavored gum, available in stores come January. Let’s pause a moment to…

Count the Rainbow: How Many Of Each Color are in Your Favorite Pack of Candy?

February 18, 2013 // 4:10 pm

There’s nothing quite like reaching into the bottom of a pack of Skittles and discovering — yes! You’ve still got one red left. And while we can’t promise this will be the breakdown each and every time (nor can we promise you’ll always be so lucky), we do hope this…

Sour Patch Jelly Beans, Because Easter Needed More Candy Options

April 4, 2012 // 3:27 pm

I’ve been trying to cut back on my sugar intake, not because I’m worried about diabetes (serious issue) or my waist line (Spring Break), but because I racked up close to $400 dollars in cavity fillings on my last dentist filling. With Easter around the corner, I’m bound…

Happy National Candy Day, Here Are Some Melted Candies [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 4, 2011 // 4:25 am

November 4th is the officially recognized National Candy Day holiday. What does that mean? It means it’s time to express your inner child. Time to live out all those fantasies of sweet, sugary comas we often used to put ourselves in. But that’s not enough now…is it?

No, it’s…

What Halloween Candy Is Saying About Your Personality [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 26, 2011 // 3:06 pm

It’s Halloween time, and whether you know it or not, the type of candy you hand out to trick-or-treaters might be defining you as an individual. While the following infographic is one group‘s take on the matter, it does lead into an interesting discussion on…

Method Man Promotes Sour Patch Kids [VIDEO]

October 7, 2011 // 4:00 pm

I’m sure there are already a ton of die hard Sour Patch Kids fans out there, I being one of them, but converting a little more couldn’t hurt right? The issue is, their new marketing strategy is a bit suspect. Rolling out with a music video…

Pic of the Day: 5 lb. Bag of Sour Patch Kids

March 18, 2009 // 8:49 pm

This is actually a very true story: During my junior year of high school, I became seriously addicted to several energy drinks and Sour Patch Kids candy. So much so, often times it would be my main dinner course on busy nights, and I was proclaimed abnormally…