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Starbucks x Teavana Roll Out Green Tea Miso Soup and Tea Smoothies

May 22, 2014 // 1:14 pm

At Teavana Tea Bars, you can drink your teas and eat them too.

Earlier this week, Starbucks brand Teavana opened its latest Tea Bar location in Beverly Hills, toting along a slew of new menu items perfect for its fancy new digs. Sure there are a few duds, like…

The K-Cup of Miso Soup Has Been Invented

January 14, 2014 // 2:34 pm

Remember when Campbell Soup entered the K-Cup game and rolled out with single-serve soup pods you could whip up for lunch? Well, Japan just took it to the next level with Marukome’s latest invention: a Keurig-like machine that dispenses single bowls of piping hot miso soup. All…

Miso Soup Dispensers Are the Espresso Machines of Soup

March 2, 2013 // 7:00 am

Looks like miso soup has edged out espresso as the preferred office pick-me-up — at least in Japan, where miso soup maker Marukome has introduced a machine that turns packets of prepackaged miso soup into individualized bowls of the salty, delicious heaven. The machine (marketed as the “Wan…

Miso Ice Cream

January 20, 2011 // 1:09 pm

An ice cream that’s noted to taste like “a cross between miso soup, soy sauce, and salted caramel”. While not on the top of my list of “desserts to try before I die,” I can definitely see the merit behind the flavors. Imagine serving this beside something a bit…