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McDonald’s Singapore Has an ‘After Dark’ Menu that Includes a Burger Topped with Egg

August 18, 2014 // 12:28 pm

Singapore McDonald’s is catering to the munchie-inclined demographic with their new Twilight Menu. The menu is featured as an “after dark” option for McDonald’s patrons, including two burgers, two desserts, a new beverage and a salad. Naturally, they will only be available in the evening hours until right before…

CONFIRMED: Jack in the Box Testing Their Own Cronut-like Product

June 14, 2014 // 2:04 pm

It was posted earlier on Reddit today that a Jack in the Box somewhere in California was testing their own brand of croissant donuts, a.k.a cronutsFoodbeast did some digging and found that they are in fact selling them in a Jack in the…

Starbucks x Teavana Roll Out Green Tea Miso Soup and Tea Smoothies

May 22, 2014 // 1:14 pm

At Teavana Tea Bars, you can drink your teas and eat them too.

Earlier this week, Starbucks brand Teavana opened its latest Tea Bar location in Beverly Hills, toting along a slew of new menu items perfect for its fancy new digs. Sure there are a few duds, like…

Oh, KALE NO: Official Super Bowl Menu Apparently Includes Kale

January 29, 2014 // 1:03 pm

Who knew the official Super Bowl menu could get so swank?

While the rest of the nation’s noshing on grocery-store dip and too-dry chicken wings, football fans at MetLife Stadium will get to pick between grilled chicken hoagies, sriracha pork and chicken steam buns, and yes, a kale and…

How IHOP’s New Menu Design Persuades You to Order More Food

January 23, 2014 // 4:03 pm

After receiving customer complaints on how their previous menu had “too many choices and too much text,” IHOP completely redesigned the menu’s look. The revamped spread resulted in a 3.6 percent increase in store sales, according to Bloomberg, and throws out the daunting wall of text for a more…

Say ‘Please’ or This French Cafe Will Charge You Double the Cost

December 11, 2013 // 3:37 pm

Sometimes (see: often) customers grabbing their morning coffee can be particularly fussy. Having worked at a coffee shop myself, I can sympathize with baristas who encounter customers enraged when their coffee isn’t the temperature of the sun or are upset when they realize an “Americano” doesn’t come with whip…

Islands’ New Happy Hour Menu Includes Teriyaki Pineapple Sliders & Pineapple Infused-Tequila Cocktails

November 11, 2013 // 3:34 pm

Islands Restaurants, the restaurant chain known for its Hawaiian-inspired burgers and beachy decor, recently announced its Football Happy Hour Menu that includes new items like the pineapple-topped Hawaiian Sliders and the Makaha Maggie, a pineapple-infused tequila cocktail with Grand Marnier, Lemon-Lime Juice, Crushed Pineapple, Agave Nectar and a Cinnamon Sugar Rim.


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