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Woman Found Weed in Her Sonic Order, Inexplicably Complained

June 30, 2014 // 7:00 pm

Someone scored some free weed with their order at a Sonic Drive-In in Maryland, and they actually didn’t keep it. Instead, Carla McFarland complained to the manager and called the police.

One of the employees claimed the baggy of weed and said it probably slipped out of her apron.…

Weed Cheez-Its are Next-Level Snacking

June 24, 2014 // 6:45 am

Uh oh. It was only a matter of time before mary jane wed the ultimate munchie snack — Cheez-Its. Dubbed “Weez-Its,” the stoner-friendly edibles hail from 7Deadly, the same folks who brought you weed vodka.

The recipe calls for the neon orange…

Marijuana Coffee Tries to Be the High Light of Your Morning

June 4, 2014 // 5:45 am

Marijuana coffee now exists to help wash down those weed brownies.

Washington will be getting Mirth Provision’s “Legal” beverages in July, a cannabis-infused cold brew coffee. The company also carries sparkling cherry, lemon ginger and pomegranate juices with cannabis extract.

The line of marijuana coffee comes in both plain and cream…

How to Make Weed Vodka, aka ‘Green Dragon’

June 3, 2014 // 3:05 pm

Disclaimer: This recipe is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only. We’d also like to kindly remind you that any marijuana purchased and consumed should be done legally and is consumed at your own risk.

The Green Dragon ranks as one of the more elusive DIY methods of getting

Pregnant Woman Orders McDouble Gets McMaryJane Instead

May 17, 2014 // 3:55 pm

The latest chronicle in the “weird things found in our food” saga comes from Iowa where a pregnant woman allegedly found pot in her McDouble.

Probably fulfilling a pregnancy craving, the woman and her fiancé ordered their food as normal from the drive thru, but a few bites…

7 Silly Things We Just Learned About Taco Bell, Straight from their President

March 27, 2014 // 2:18 pm

Taco Bell’s president, Mr. Brian Niccol, took to Reddit’s popular AMA section late this morning to usher in the launch of the chain’s biggest addition in company history: a breakfast menu.

While Taco Bell breakfast discussions were interesting, it was Niccol’s cheeky responses to questions…

Uh, Someone Created Marijuana Beef Jerky

February 17, 2014 // 8:56 am

Just when we thought we had beef jerky all figured out, someone goes and perfects the perfect. A medical marijuana testing lab in California revealed their latest creation: Weed Beef Jerky. Named “Reef” Jerky (of course), the THC-infused snack makes a great alternative for pot heads growing weary of…

Maki-Juana: Colorado Restaurant Offers Weed and Sushi Pairings

January 9, 2014 // 6:00 am

Public toking is still illegal in Colorado (which legalized the sale of recreational marijuana on January 1st), but there’s nothing stopping you from recreating these weed-sushi pairings at home, now is there?

For when a regular taco run just won’t cut it, Colorado sushi mini-chain Hapa Sushi Grill &…

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