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Honest Alcohol Labels Let You Drink ‘Crying Alone’ Moscato and ‘Text Your Ex’ Whiskey

August 14, 2014 // 9:35 am

You’re at a grocery store and you have to make a decision. Will you stay at home, crying about your ex with Netflix and Moscato? Or head out with the girls for an “I’ll hold your hair back if you hold mine” sesh after one too many vodka-Red Bulls?…

Most Honest Wine Labels Ever Include ‘The One with the Berries’ and ‘The One with the Awards’

January 3, 2014 // 12:31 pm

We’ve seen a lot of innovative marketing when it comes to wine lately. From infographic wine labeling that visually depicts flavor breakdown via color swatches to guides that help you decipher wine lingo, the wine marketing industry has become a hub of creativity. The latest comes from…

Unique Wine Labeling Uses Color Swatches to Break Down Flavor

October 17, 2013 // 6:00 am


Taking a modern approach to wine labeling, Uproot has created a first-of-its-kind color bar. The unique labeling serves as a visual representation of the wine’s tasting notes, offering a guide to the flavors and aromas found in the bottle. Together, these color bars make up what the company…

How to Unwrap Your Beer Can With an iPhone [Photo]

September 19, 2013 // 6:03 pm

There’s David Blaine, then there’s this magic: A beer can unwrapped using the power of your mobile phone.

Here’s How to Create Your Own Free Custom Beer Labels

November 9, 2011 // 11:00 am

Brewing your own beer is pretty fun, but storing them in some anonymous brown bottles just sucks some of the unique character from the beer. After all, it’s your beer and people should be able to recognize that hard work! Thankfully, Labeley makes this…