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This Knife Set Assembles into an X-Wing Starfighter

June 18, 2014 // 11:05 am

So you’ve already stocked your kitchen with a Darth Vader toaster and an R2-D2 measuring cup set, eh? Now all that’s missing is the X-Wing Knife Block.

This plastic knife holder has a cool chrome finish, giving all other kitchen appliances “a rebellious kick in…

This Barbecue Bible Comes with Everything You Need for Grilling Including Charcoal and a Cutting Board

May 12, 2014 // 10:48 am

If there was ever a Swiss Army Knife of books, it’d be the Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco (Bible of Barbecue). The novelty cookbook was released in March as a promotion to Tramontina, a Brazilian line of kitchen ware. The book contains everything one would need to barbecue and look boss doing…

How to Choose the Proper Knife for Every Type of Food [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 22, 2014 // 1:45 pm

When I’m preparing a meal in the kitchen, I grab the nearest utensil in my proximity. Now, whether I’m attempting to slice a slab of brisket with a bread knife when I should really be using a chef’s blade, is another issue.

For those of us who momentarily consider…

Picnic Backpack Guarantees First Date Success

October 9, 2013 // 6:21 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about damn time we stepped our first date game up. Dinner at your go-to Italian restaurant isn’t going to make her swoon and watching Fast and the Furious 273 isn’t going to make him tumble head over heels.

No, it’s time to take things to…

Del Taco Customer Stabbed By Employee Over Wrong Order

June 26, 2012 // 3:05 pm

Last Thursday at around 1:50 AM in the city of Hemet, California, 28-year-old Del Taco employee Gabriel Villalba was arrested for stabbing a customer over a messed up order.

According to officials from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, an argument ensued on June 21 between the drive-thru window…

United Steaks of America

December 1, 2010 // 5:31 pm

Better snatch these up before it’s too late. If you love meat, steak in particular and you also claim to be an art connoisseur then this is perfect for you. There is not much, food wise, that’s more American than steak. The United Steaks of America is…

How to Make Bacon from Scratch

July 4, 2010 // 2:52 pm

I came across an amazing article about making the best bacon ever, from scratch and I will tell you it’s quite a process. The beginning of the article is so well written that I just have to quote it: “Bacon. It has a wonderful place in human