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Unpopular California Glove Law for Chefs Will Probably Be Repealed [Hallelujah!]

February 24, 2014 // 5:16 pm

Sushi and cocktail lovers rejoice: that pesky California health code law which required chefs and bartenders to wear gloves while handling all ready-to-eat foods will probably be repealed “this week.”

According to the OC Weekly, an emergency bill has been proposed in the California state assembly…

New California Health Code Requires Gloves, Bans Raw-Dog Handling of Food

January 10, 2014 // 3:55 pm

Earlier this week I was ordering at a Taco Bell drive-thru when I noticed the cashier sneezed and didn’t wash his hands before handing over my food. I took it anyway, but definitely not without wondering for a second whether or not I’d die because of it.

Thanks to…

3D-Printed Toothbrush Brushes Your Teeth In 6 Seconds Flat

October 3, 2013 // 12:34 pm

If sparing a minute or two to clean those pearly whites isn’t in the cards, there’s Blizzident –the extra fast brushing device.

This 3D custom model of users’ mouths is fit with hundreds of tiny bristles, about 10 times more than an everyday toothbrush. Blizzident also has a floss…

Today I Learned: That Weird Gust of Air When You Enter a Restaurant Actually Has a Purpose

April 24, 2013 // 2:53 pm

It’s a first world problem, for sure, but who would have guessed that weird gust of wind you feel when you walk into a store or business or restaurant actually serves a purpose other than to be loud and mildly annoy you?

(I mean, outside of restaurant owners. And…

Would You Brush Your Teeth With This Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush?

March 19, 2013 // 8:00 am

As I type, I’m trying to clear some residual pita chip from off my furthest right molar, and I’m wondering why this process has to be so damn hard. I mean, wouldn’t life be so much better if someone would just invent some kind of plastic bristled tongue glove that would…