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An Adorable Goat-Sheep Hybrid Exists and It’s Called a GEEP

April 8, 2014 // 11:39 pm

I’m not judging or anything, but it seems like sheep are getting around these days. First, there was the curly-haired sheep-pig. Now, a goat-sheep hybrid exists, and it’s known as a GEEP.

Irish farmer Paddy Murphy is the proud papa of this adorable, curly-haired animal, which was…

Waffle + Falafel = Wafalafel

March 29, 2014 // 12:11 pm

Remember that time when we thought it would be fun aka totally genius to see what we could stick in a waffle iron and make more delicious? Well Serious Eats just upped the waffle game with their latest creation, the wafalafel.

It may sound like “waffle-awful” but…

Au Bon Pain Devises Croissant/Sweet Bun Hybrid Called the ‘CroisBun’

March 12, 2014 // 12:25 pm

Yeah, because we haven’t seen any crazy dessert mashups like that before.

(Exhibit A, B, C)

The latest footnote in the never-ending cronut saga comes from Boston-based bakery Au Bon Pain. A cake-y sweet bun covered with a flaky, croissant-y muffin top, the “CroisBun” is part…

You Will Not Believe How Unimpressive the Latest Cronut Offspring Is

January 31, 2014 // 2:55 pm


Apparently, the internet has discovered a more “humble” version of the cronut. Spotted by NPR’s Ian Chillag at Chicago’s Donut Fest, the doughscuit hails from Endgrain Restaurant — the latest enterprise to offer yet another Cronut offspring.

The half doughnut, half biscuit confection features a…

Taco Bell Now Testing Quesarito (Burrito + Quesadilla)

January 24, 2014 // 5:13 pm

While most fast food fans have heard of the quesarito from such illustrious establishments as Chipotle and Freebirds, Taco Bell is now trying their own hand at this hybrid item.

The chain is currently testing their new Quesarito only in Oklahoma City. However, rather than keeping this item on…

Williamsburg Based Cragel is 50% Bagel, 50% Croissant

January 18, 2014 // 12:23 pm

Williamsburg is not about be left out of a popular scene. The hipster borough now has a croissant hybrid to call their own thanks to The Bagel Store. Cragels, not to be confused with Crogels or Cronuts are described as a “delicate, flaky, buttery croissant baked into a…

Meet the Crogel: the East Coast’s Latest Croissant-Bagel Hybrid

January 10, 2014 // 10:09 am

It’s hard to tell which this insults more: the croissant or the bagel. (No, it’s the bagel. Definitely the bagel.)

Less than two weeks into 2014 and Connecticut-based grocery store and bakery Stew Leonard’s has already found a new way to bastardize breakfast with their new bagel-shaped croissants. (Crogels,…

Trend Report: A Day in the Life of a 2014 Foodbeast

December 30, 2013 // 3:30 pm

The word “foodie” is dead. Or if it isn’t, it definitely should be. First coined on the completely made up date of September 29, 2004, “foodie” has become one of those words like “geek” and “weirdo” which applies to pretty much everyone with internet access. In fact, almost everything…

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