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Keep Calm and Buy All The Nutella

August 23, 2014 // 9:55 am

Don’t panic but there’s a hazelnut shortage that could very seriously affect everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. Before you chuck your laptop across the room in a mad dash to get your local grocer hear us out.

Severe weather conditions are to blame for over 70 percent of Turkey’s…

Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils First-Ever Coffee Flavored Donuts

August 4, 2014 // 8:52 am

I always thought coffee and donuts were a television myth like high schools with indoor lockers or crashing into bushes when learning to ride a bike. Then I actually tried the two together and instantly fell in love. Who knew? For anyone that enjoys a nice up of coffee to…

Carvel Unleashes Nutella Soft Serve and Ice Cream

June 25, 2014 // 11:11 am

For anyone who loves drizzling that melted Nutella spread onto their ice cream, the world just got a little easier. Carvel, the ice cream chain, is launching a line of Nutella-flavored ice cream this summer. After all, summer is the only time ice cream is crucial to a healthy diet.…

Hershey Launches Own Line of Nutella Chocolate Spread

January 16, 2014 // 6:00 am

With all the Sriracha talk lately, we almost forgot about our little buddy Nutella. Over the past five years, Nutella’s U.S. sales have swelled to over $240 million, according to the Associated Press, and it looks like Hershey Co. is officially trying to get in on some…

Official Nutella Cookbook, As If You Didn’t Know Every Way to Eat It Already

August 14, 2013 // 11:02 am

Nutella. Food of the Gods. Chocolate gold. Basically, the best freakin’ thing you can buy in a jar. Apparently, there are other ways to eat this chocolate hazelnut spread than solo with a spoon. . .

Yeah, I was pretty surprised too, but let’s not kid ourselves. About…

Three Words: Ferrero Rocher Brownies

April 30, 2013 // 6:00 am

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I’m gonna dare everyone reading this to give your moms the ultimate gift this year by whipping up a batch of these (before next next Saturday night) and not eating them all in a single go.

Now, I realize it’s going…

The Nutella Tax Got You Down? Make This Homemade Nutella Recipe for Cheap

November 20, 2012 // 1:09 pm

If you live in France, or are deeply invested in the foreign affairs of Nutella, you may have heard that a recent bill was passed that would heavily tax palm oil. As a result, this would increase the cost of Nutella (as it…

How To Make Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes

October 20, 2012 // 2:10 pm

A friend of mine has a recurring dream where he’s nude and frolicking in a sea of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. After calling him a smutty vulgarian, I had to admit that swimming in a sea of coco hazelnut goodness sounded absolutely scintillating.

And come on, who doesn’t adore those…

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