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Latest Disney Short ‘Feast’ Combines Foodie Life and Dogs

June 12, 2014 // 5:45 am

As perfect as 2007′s Ratatouille was for food lovers and Disney fans, we understand if it’s a little hard to root for a rat cooking in your kitchen, touching your gourmet French foods. But a food movie about a dog? That we can totally get behind.

From the folks…

Worst Person Ever Hides Poisonous Meatballs for Dogs Around San Francisco

February 27, 2014 // 6:00 am

It’s one thing to be an awful human being to other people, but to pick on dogs? That’s some grade-A Satan-type shit.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an unidentified rogue scoundrel villain has, for the second year in a row, stashed poisonous meatballs around San Francisco…

Pets Deli is literally a Gourmet Pet Deli For Your Furry Companions

January 4, 2014 // 3:26 pm

As if we needed our pets to be even more finicky than they already are now we’re giving them their own restaurants? Germany based Pets Deli is exactly what it sounds like, a deli for pets. Pet owners can customize their companion’s meal to their individual tastes by choosing…

Gourmet Meat-Flavored Ice Cream Is Further Proof that Life Is So Much Better For Dogs

May 3, 2013 // 1:26 pm

Because dogs just don’t get enough love and attention these days, a Chicago dog food store has just created a line of gourmet meat-flavored ice creams, so Fido too can finally experience the wonder that is sweet frozen milk.

“We wanted our pup to experience ice cream,” the company,…

Puppy’s Life Saved by ‘Seven or Eight Shots’ of Vodka

January 17, 2013 // 10:06 am

We’ve all heard how chocolate is really bad for dogs (like, death-inducing bad), but you know what clear, liquid, technically-classified “poison” surprisingly isn’t? Vodka.

Dog Breaks Into Fridge To Grab Slice of Pizza [VIDEO]

March 24, 2011 // 11:25 am

This video is bound to garner some attention in the coming weeks. To prepare you for what they’re talking about around the watercooler, we have a video clip of a cute pup breaking into a refrigerator, breaching a box of pizza, grabbing a slice and leaving the…

Shawn O’Conner: Celebrity Pumpkin Carvings

October 26, 2010 // 5:00 am

Dwight Schrute from NBC’s The Office is just one of many celebrities that artist Shawn O’Conner, a New York native, has carved into a pumpkin. Some of his other celeb victims include Dr. Greg House, Jimi Hendrix and Mr. Johnny Cash. Shawn O’Conner is putting my mutilated…


June 30, 2010 // 5:00 am

A biscuit obviously made by a dog! I’m pretty sure this was a prop on the old show Blue’s Clues! (Thx IW)

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