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Korean Barbecue-Flavored Potato Chips Are Sadly Not All-You-Can-Eat

August 25, 2014 // 2:09 pm

How much do you wanna bet Lay’s just keeps the better submissions to its Do Us a Flavor contest so they don’t have to pay royalties? Call us conspiracy theorists, but we really can’t imagine any other reason something so amazing as KOREAN BARBECUE wouldn’t be included in…

Canada To Finally Get Bacon Poutine-Flavored Potato Chips

August 11, 2014 // 10:38 am

We were so surprised not to see this flavor in the running for last year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Canada edition, but we’re happy to report all has been set right in the world. That’s right, Canada is finally getting poutine-flavored potato chips.

From tomorrow through October, chip-munching…

Ugh, Cappuccino Lay’s Now Exist

July 15, 2014 // 6:12 pm

We’re sure it started as a joke at first, but now we have to live with the consequences. From late July through October, this year’s round of test flavors for Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest will make their way to stores, assaulting Instagram feeds and tastebuds with such…

Sushi and Corned Beef Hash Are Currently in the Running for Lay’s Next Flavor

January 23, 2014 // 8:07 pm

Last year Cheesy Garlic Bread was the winner of Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” US contest, while syrup-soaked Maple Moose won in Canada (naturally). Now, Lay’s is once again calling upon America to submit their own fan-made flavors for the chance to win $1 million…

Of Course, ‘Maple Moose’ is the New Lay’s Chips Flavor

October 25, 2013 // 3:21 pm

The syrup-soaked votes are in: “Maple Moose” triumphed as the winner of Lay’s Canada Do Us a Flavor contest. While the decision sparked some lowkey outrage on Facebook and a demand for a recount, the quirky pick managed to beat out Perogy Platter, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup,…

Lay’s Is Bringing Back Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles and Cheesy Garlic, Because Of Course They Are

July 31, 2013 // 3:17 pm

All right, show of hands, who didn’t call this one? Nobody? That’s what we thought.

Remember how a few months ago people were talking about those new Sriracha Lay’s chips or Chicken and Waffle Lay’s chips (but never the Cheesy Garlic ones, let’s be real) that you just had…

Creamy Garlic Caesar, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Maple Moose and Perogy Platter are Lay’s Canada’s ‘Do Us a Flavour’ Finalists

July 29, 2013 // 11:05 am

I’ve got to admit Canada, I’m a little disappointed in you. Where else am I supposed to get poutine-flavo[u]red potato chips if not up north, huh?

Frito Lay Canada has just entered the final stages of its Lay’s “Do Us a Flavour” contest, which, similarly to ours, allowed

Cheesy Garlic Bread Wins Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ Contest, Winner Receives $1 Million

May 7, 2013 // 2:53 pm

The masses have spoken and declared “Cheesy Garlic Bread” the winner of Lay’s  “Do Us a Flavor” contest. The flavor beat out contenders, ”Sriracha” and “Chicken & Waffles,” to win over fan taste buds. At least, apparently. I’m still a bit flabbergasted as to how ho-hum