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How the In-N-Out Double Double Ruined This Man’s Life [COMIC]

January 21, 2014 // 1:59 pm

To say Mike Royer of Pickled Comics loved In-N-Out is an understatement. The love between this man and an In-N-Out Double Double became so great that Mike decided to create a cartoon chronicling the epic tale of his discovery of the California burger chain. What started off as…

Happy Monday: How 99.9% of You Judge What’s ‘Good’ Coffee

June 24, 2013 // 6:00 am

It’s Monday and you should be at home nursing that phenomenal hangover. Instead, it’s 6 am and you’re stuck in traffic on the way to work hating life. The only thing that can make it better? Coffee.

So, if you’re waiting in line to grab that gourmet double…

Eat Captain America’s Shield Turned Huevos Rancheros For Breakfast

April 15, 2013 // 10:50 am

So, maybe it’s a little ironic that it would be Captain America’s iconic stars-and-stripes shield that gets turned into the Mexican breakfast staple, but that hardly matters, because look how cool this is!

It’s the standard huevos rancheros, plus a little ingenuity.  And also food coloring. Salsa, cheese, beans, an…

Fantastic Four Inspires Fantastic Pumpkin Carving

October 30, 2012 // 12:06 pm

Note: ‘Carving’ might be a little generous here, but considering the size of this thing, we’ll let it slide.

Tired of all those wimpy pumpkin carvings only using one pumpkin? Are you sick of seeing Jack-o-Lanterns restricted to porch steps, all tiny and lit by a single candle? Do you…