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Maryland Stadium Introduces 1.5 Pound Crab and Cheese Smothered Pretzel

August 29, 2014 // 2:54 pm

The Maryland Terrapins are going big this season by offering a huge — gigantic, monstrous even — 24 ounce soft pretzel smothered with back fin crab dip and melted cheese and dusted with Old Bay.  Large enough to serve two to four people, the “Chessie” pretzel will be available…

Pizza Hut Introduces Bacon and Cheese-Stuffed Crust Pizza

August 29, 2014 // 8:39 am

Pizza Hut has done some pretty random interesting stuffed crust pizzas over the years. From cheeseburger to pineapple, you’d think they’d continue further away from the list of sensible ingredients stuff-able into a pizza crust. That being said, the pizza chain has taken a few…

Jack in The Box Creates Ridiculous New Cheeseburgers Made With Deep Fried Cheese Patties

August 12, 2014 // 9:00 am

Is there anything as singularly foodgasmic as biting into a hot, gooey mess of melted cheese? Yeah, we didn’t think so. And neither, apparently, does Jack in the Box.

Big Cheesy burgers are a new test line specifically catered to the deep fried dairy loving set. Spotted by

McDonald’s Singapore Has Chocolate-Covered Ham and Cheese Hotcakes

August 4, 2014 // 11:53 am

Taking the breakfast game to another level, McDonald’s Singapore is offering a new dish to their menu that is not only pretty sweet, but savory as well. They’re calling them Hearty Hotcakes. The hotcakes are stacked with chicken ham and a slice of American cheese. Note: look up chicken ham.…

This Guy Instagrams the Awesome Things He Sees in Cheetos

July 28, 2014 // 12:59 pm

Many of you have binged on a bag of Hot Cheetos with nothing more than a second thought. Others may have eaten half a bag before noticing that a few Cheetos look like misshaped dolphins. For Instagrammer cheesecurlsofinstagram, those misshapen dolphins are more than just a simple…

Struggle Pizza

July 22, 2014 // 6:27 pm

Picthx eldergoose4L

New Double Hut Cheese Pizza Has Double The Stuffed Crust

July 12, 2014 // 4:00 pm

Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get better than stuffed crust pizza Pizza hut goes and makes a double stuffed crust pizza.

No, we’re not talking double the cheese bursting through the outer crust, we’re talking a second ring of stuffed crust in the middle of the freaking pizza. Hear that?…

This Pizza Bed Set Has Crust Pillow Cases, Tomato Sauce Sheets and a Pepperoni Comforter

July 10, 2014 // 6:20 pm

Hopefully,  you can understand the excitement at the prospect of keeping the food love going even during the unconscious period that is sleep.

Artist Claire Manganiello has drawn a pizza bed which features ‘crust’ pillow cases, sheets like tomato sauce and a comforter covered in melted cheese and pepperoni (okay the cheese…

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