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This Korean Fusion Burger is What Dreams are Made of.

April 12, 2014 // 3:23 pm

Topped with Kimchee, Bulgogi, Pajeon (Korean Pancake), All House Made with Sriracha, Lettuce, Gochu-jang Sauce on a Half Pound Burger, this burger can be found all month at Grill ‘Em All.

PicThx Grill ‘Em All Alhambra

Forget Everything You Know: THIS Burger is 100% Bacon, from the Bun to the Patty

March 21, 2014 // 10:20 am

Many bold souls have attempted to create the perfect all-bacon burger. While some put up an incredible effort (see: Slater’s Bacon ‘Merica Burger), they were still playing within the confines of a box. So, we here at Foodbeast were determined to create a truly 100% bacon burger — from…

KFC’s Big Boss Burger Looks Like a Big Mac with Fried Chicken

March 12, 2014 // 11:31 am

When it comes to the Big Mac, there have been many contenders for the throne through the years. We’ve seen incarnations of the famous McDonald’s sandwich ranging from the Big Carl to the Bonus Jack and even the Big King. Now, KFC Canada has thrown their buckets into…

PornBurger.Me Will Have You Drooling All Over Your Keyboard

March 8, 2014 // 10:14 am

We’re constantly scouring the interwebs for the finest food porn in the game so imagine our surprise when we happened upon the ultimate burger site… PornBurger.

The name alone had us trembling with excitement but with a great name comes great responsibility. Self-proclaimed burger pervert and creator of PornBurger,…

Struggle Burger

February 28, 2014 // 6:07 pm

Picthx reddit

This King Cake Burger is Slathered with Icing and Sprinkles

February 24, 2014 // 10:52 am

Mardi Gras is reserved for eating the fattiest, mostly indulgent foods before Lent. I guess you can also flash your boobs for beads. But mostly the food. In spirit of celebration, Food Drunk, in collaboration with Ye Olde Bake Shoppe, decided to create the King Cake Burger in honor…

This Burger Requires a 21+ ID to Eat

February 20, 2014 // 3:41 pm

The brilliant fellows at BrewDog offer yet another fantastic offering, this time in the form of a burger that contains enough alcohol to require a 21+ ID to order.

The limited-time item features a 150 g aged beef patty steeped in three different brews including their 5AM Saint amber…

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