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Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Cafe Opens in Japan, Explodes with Cuteness

July 23, 2014 // 11:57 am

Really surprised no one thought of this sooner. Turns out Japan is the home of the brand-new Pokemon restaurant called the Pikachu Cafe. Located in downtown Tokyo, the Pokemon-inspired eatery recently opened, driving fans of the 20-year-old franchise through the doors.

The Pikachu Cafe is decked out with tons…

Pizza Burger

July 19, 2014 // 1:07 pm

PicThx: That’s Nerdalicious

Macaroni Cheeseburger

July 15, 2014 // 12:38 pm

RecipeĀ Dude Foods

TIL: Burger King Once Offered a Free Whopper for Every 10 People You Unfriended on Facebook

July 14, 2014 // 3:42 pm

Once upon a time, the power of true friendship was worth approximately 37 cents. That distant time was 2009. Burger King once offered Facebookers the option of un-friending ten people on the social media site in return for a free Whopper. Back then, the suggested retail price of a…

Cheeseburger Super Mario, Sailor Moon, and Batman Are Super Chubs, Super Adorable

July 10, 2014 // 4:24 pm

It’s true, there’s no real reason to reimagine all our childhood heroes as adorably chubby cheeseburgers. But then, there’s no real reason not to, either.

In his latest series “What if They Were Cheeseburgers?,” San Diego, Calif.-based illustrator Philip Tseng shows us what it would look like if cartoon…

Bae said yes!

July 2, 2014 // 6:04 pm

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