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Domino’s Swaps Pizza Dough with New Breaded Chicken Crust

April 14, 2014 // 4:37 pm

It’s Friday night. Do you go the pizza or chicken route? Granted both sound pretty heavy, but after a long week of work no one wants to unwind with a salad. In one of their biggest moves since they changed their crusts, Dominos just launched four flavors of cheesy chicken…

Snyder’s Offers New Buffalo Wing Pretzel Sticks and Cheesy, Jalapeño Snacks

February 28, 2014 // 6:00 am

In pretzel-related news, Snyder’s of Hanover is stepping up their snack game with a snack truck full of new products. While my eyes usually go directly to the Honey Mustard bags on the shelves, it’s great to know there are other choices out there to satiate the munchies.


We Found Out What BBQ Cologne Tastes Like, It’s Also Flammable

February 12, 2014 // 11:18 am

Ah, the scent of summer barbecues  is enough to send shivers of nostalgia down our spines. So, when someone sent us literal barbecue cologne in the mail, we were excited and yes, a little wary.

The not-so-subtly named “Que” scent promises ”an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat and sweet

How to Make Seattle Bacon-Infused Dogs with Cream Cheese

February 4, 2014 // 2:35 pm

This year the Super Bowl made me feel like I was getting epically trolled. The game was awful (yes, I’m biased), the ads fell flat (with the exception of this) and the Halftime show garnered an overall “meh.” That being said, we thought the Seahawks deserved some…

This Simple Hack Will Change the Way You Cook Hot Dogs, Forever

January 20, 2014 // 11:35 am

There’s so many ways one can cook a hot dog. Whether you fry it, throw it on the grill, boil, or even microwave, the end result still sits happily in your stomach. Though at times it, more often than I’d care to admit, they’ll end up cold in the…

McDonald’s McRib Makes Its Inevitable Return

November 5, 2013 // 11:56 am

“And I come back to you now…at the turn of the tide.” No, it’s not Gandalf. It’s the return of the McRib. The infamous sandwich from McDonald’s is back again for a limited time. The seasonal item features a ground pork patty resembling a rib that’s smothered in BBQ…

Dunkin’ Donuts Has Two New Angus Steak and Cheese Wraps

October 2, 2013 // 12:19 pm

Dunkin’ Donuts has rolled out with two new Angus Steak and Cheese wraps.  These beauties feature angus steak, wrapped up in a tortilla and served with white cheddar cheese, plus a choice of barbecue or ranch sauce.  It’s a late night eater’s dream, especially for the guy who’s a…

These BBQ Sauces Come in ‘Cola Leather’ and ‘Tobacco Moonshine’ Flavors

September 10, 2013 // 1:11 pm

We love us some good sauces like ooey gooey marshmallow or deliciously Creamy Sriracha Sauce. You know, the kind that satisfy our offbeat cravings. But never before have we come across a topping that fulfills our desire for rootbeer and pickles or Cola and leather. That is,…

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