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Baskin-Robbins Launches First-Ever Line of Greek Frozen Yogurt

May 7, 2014 // 5:45 am

Baskin-Robbins is adding a big first for the chain: Greek frozen yogurt. The new item will join their massive line-up of ice cream flavors, including the ice cream chain’s menu of “better for you” options, aka the BRight Menu. Get it?

The “Super Yumberry Greek Frozen Yogurt” is made with…

Baskin Robbins New Mother’s Day Ice Cream Tastes Like Freshly Baked Cookies

May 1, 2014 // 3:32 pm

So, Mother’s Day is coming up, and Baskin Robbins is feeling nostalgic. In honor of the afternoons spent “helping” mom cook and sneaking licks of raw cookie dough, their featured flavor for May combines brown sugar ice cream and cookie dough ribbons to create a rather sweet confection that’s…

REAL LIFE: Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Cookie Dough Coffee

April 2, 2014 // 12:04 pm

Earlier this year, Dunkin’ Donuts debuted the Cookie Dough Donut, which was nothing short of delicious. Now, they’re taking the sweet idea one step further by releasing – wait for it — Cookie Dough COFFEE.

Sure DD already offers a variety of flavored syrups to add to…

Baskin-Robbins Red and Blue Spider-Man Ice Cream with ‘Popping Candies’

March 31, 2014 // 8:23 am

In promotion of the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film debuting May 2, Baskin-Robbins is rolling out with their own Spider-Man-themed treats. The new ice cream flavor packs red and blue-colored vanilla with a dark chocolate “web” and “popping candies.” Aka ice cream + pop rocks. Nice move, BR.


Baskin-Robbins Debuts Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream

January 6, 2014 // 6:00 am

Maybe it’s in honor of Oscar season or maybe they got tired of peppermint, but Baskin-Robbins is introducing Movie Theater Popcorn as 2014′s first flavor of the month. Hello, January.

The frozen treat features buttered popcorn-flavored ice cream, a salted caramel swirl and popcorn-flavored rice crisps. Which begs the…

Baskin-Robbins Makes Peppermint Bark Flavor of the Month

December 5, 2013 // 10:04 am

If December was lickable, it would probably taste like peppermint and chocolate (in my world, at least). The two flavors are stars of the holidays, so there’s no better time to have Peppermint Bark in the Dark as Baskin-Robbins’ December Flavor of the Month.

The rich treat features “peppermint…

Not the Onion: Man Named Fudge Robs Cold Stone Creamery

October 2, 2013 // 11:27 am

A few weeks ago a former employee of a Coldstone Creamery in Iowa was accused of stealing cakes, ice cream and cash from the ice cream chain. Supposedly, he wasn’t making his own creations complete with mix-ins but rather snatching the pre-packed pints for himself. The icing on the

Baskin Robbins Debuts Ice Cream Whoopie Pies

October 1, 2013 // 4:00 am

Starting October 1st, Baskin-Robbins will be offering limited-time Ice Cream Whoopie Pies. The new item features two fluffy pieces of chocolate cake sandwiching your choice of ice cream flavor — from “Trick OREO Treat” (see photo above) to “Mint Chocolate Chip” ice cream (photo below).

The Ice Cream Whoopie…

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