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Subway Addresses $5 Footlong Controversy in this Hilariously Fake Onion Report

August 28, 2014 // 5:17 pm

Turns out anyone trying to get healthy off Subway sandwiches was doing it wrong this entire time. The Onion fictitiously reports that Subway executives meant for the popular $5 footlong special to be split among two people. In fact, they’re in downright disbelief that anyone can tackle a footlong sub all…

Here’s a 12 Minute Mortal Kombat Cover of Subway’s ‘$5 Footlong’ Song

January 3, 2014 // 9:39 am

The Mortal Komband is a Georgia-based pack of miscreants who decided to make a 12-minute Subway $5 Footlong music video while wearing Mortal Kombat costumes. Not well, mind you, but with respectable vigor. The video pays an awfully discordant homage to everyone’s favorite smelly sandwich chain and features cameos…

Starbucks Lets You Buy People Coffee Over Twitter

October 28, 2013 // 2:31 pm

Here’s something social media geeks can totally get behind. Imagine you’re at a Starbucks, editing photos, writing blog posts, pretending to do all that while infinite scrolling on 9GAG or Tumblr, when in walks — no, couldn’t be — yes, it totally is! — your favorite photographer/writer/filmmaker/aspiring actor you…