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3D Printer Cranks Out Incredibly Realistic Model of KFC Drumstick

March 14, 2014 // 9:20 am

While 3D printers have so far cranked out everything from edible Oreos to beautiful sugar candies, a recent creation might put everything else to shame – a KFC drumstick.

LifeHacker Japan recently visited the 3D printing firm iJet to have one item of their choice reproduced, and they chose…

Hershey Signs Deal to Develop 3D Chocolate Printers

January 18, 2014 // 2:18 pm

3D Printers have become quite the popular gadget nowadays with the machines looking past plastics and diving into the food world. From sour candies to pizzas 3D Systems has got a leg up on the competition with their ChefJet printers. The company debuted the kitchen-ready ChefJet a…

Intricate 3D-Printed Chair Crafted from Sugar and Sake

January 16, 2014 // 10:05 am

3D food printers have recently started to gain popularity, as we’ve seen at CES and with those lifelike chocolate faces. But London-based designer Daniel Widrig has taken this edible art one step further with his Degenerate Chair creation.

The intricately-woven sculpture is made entirely from the designer’s own…

3D Printer Creates Creepy Sculpture of Your Face in Dark, Milk or White Chocolate

January 9, 2014 // 2:31 pm

To all my fellow chocoholics out there, I assume we can agree on one thing: chocolate in any form rules. M&M’s, mochas, heck — even chocolate taquitos are bomb. However, what’s the one thing a true cocoa lover desires? A life-size chocolate face.…