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23 Valentine’s Food Fails That Will Never Get Re-Pinned on Pinterest

February 12, 2014 // 2:18 pm

Some of us are lucky enough to date modern-day Casanovas, guys or gals who remember every inside joke we’ve shared or have even memorized our favorite brownie recipes. Everyone else . . . let’s just focus on the positives, shall we? As anyone who has attempted any pretty Pinterest…

Oh, KALE NO: Official Super Bowl Menu Apparently Includes Kale

January 29, 2014 // 1:03 pm

Who knew the official Super Bowl menu could get so swank?

While the rest of the nation’s noshing on grocery-store dip and too-dry chicken wings, football fans at MetLife Stadium will get to pick between grilled chicken hoagies, sriracha pork and chicken steam buns, and yes, a kale and…

CES SPOTTING: This is What 3D Sour Candy Looks Like

January 10, 2014 // 2:32 pm

3D printing has become the food industry’s preferred fascination of late, from 3D printed pizza dough topped with tomato sauce to 3D chocolate face sculptures. The most recent delight was spotted at CES 2014 in the form of 3D geometric candies and chocolate by the…

Trend Report: A Day in the Life of a 2014 Foodbeast

December 30, 2013 // 3:30 pm

The word “foodie” is dead. Or if it isn’t, it definitely should be. First coined on the completely made up date of September 29, 2004, “foodie” has become one of those words like “geek” and “weirdo” which applies to pretty much everyone with internet access. In fact, almost everything…