"Yer a drunkard, Harry."

The nice thing about growing up with a children's book series is that when you finally are grown-up, you can make some of your childhood fantasies into realities, like marrying your best friend or practicing the dark arts, or most importantly, playing Quidditch Beer Pong.

There are a few different versions of the rules floating around, but the "official" version, courtesy of the much-inspired Louie's Loops, is played with Butterbeer (obviously), and ends the game with the highly explosive Expelliarmus shot (for you know, when gamesmanship and schoolyard diplomacy just ain't gonna cut it).

Let the games begin!


Quidditch Pong Rules

Repeat until you have magical powers. Obliviate, indeed.

[Quidditch Pong Rules and Photos adapted fromĀ Louie's Loops]

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