Need a fun and easy side to take to a summer cookout? This Red Velvet Cornbread packs a sweet and savory combo of velvety cake and corny bread, with a sweetened cream cheese spread. It makes a great accompaniment to any barbecue feast. This recipe is simple, easy, and established — take a box of yellow cake mix and two boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix, follow the directions on the back of each, mix them together, and bake.

Red Velvet Cornbread

Red Velvet Cornbread with Honey Cinnamon Cream Cheese

(makes 24 large squares)


Red Velvet Cake

(adapted from Cake Mix Doctor)


Cream Cheese Spread

(why recreate the wheel?)


It's like a savory red velvet cake and a sweet and spongy cornbread all at the same time... and when you add the cream cheese spread and take a big bite, it's like the party has moved from the patio to your mouth.

Becky McKay

Becky McKay is known around the Internet blogosphere as "The Cereal Baker," most often responsible for not following any rules in the kitchen. She is currently on a mission to cover every food in the world with some level of chocolate.