It's hard to tell which this insults more: the croissant or the bagel. (No, it's the bagel. Definitely the bagel.)

Less than two weeks into 2014 and Connecticut-based grocery store and bakery Stew Leonard's has already found a new way to bastardize breakfast with their new bagel-shaped croissants. (Crogels, they're called, which sounds a little too close to "kegel" for our tastes.) The process reportedly involves kettle boiling and hearth baking the dough, and results in something "crispy on the outsideā€¦ buttery and flaky inside!" In other words, exactly like a croissant.

Savory croissant sandwiches are nothing new, but who wants to spread their cream cheese and lox over a hearty bit of mille-feuille nothing?

Just, wake us when someone invents a deep-fried croissant pancake, mkay?

H/T Gothamist + Picthx Stew Leonard's

Dominique Zamora

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