Adam Richman of Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food is know for mastering the art of beasting. Travelling around the country attempting a variety of food challenges is one thing, but doing this episode after episode for four years is both impressive and slightly terrifying. Richman always took his duels like a champ, but all those burgers and pizzas and ghost pepper chicken wings must've taken a toll on his waistline... right?

Well, since filming MVF's final episode earlier this year, Richman has dropped a whopping 60 pounds. He's eating much less dairy and white flour and hasĀ amped up his exercise, but we can't help but think eliminating those three milkshakes + a pound of fries challenges had something to do with the loss.

Check out his transformation from 2011 to today:

Major kudos to the host for dropping that much weight the healthy way. I'd also like to take this opportunity to personally thank Richman for showing us how studly he looks in a suit and tie. Dayum.

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Cameron Simcik

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