You've probably encountered at least one Reese’s peanut butter egg in your life. If not, you're missing out, buddy.

As a die-hard chocolate and peanut butter fan it was only a matter of time before I recreated these godly treats in my own kitchen. I had to find a way to thicken the peanut butter filling without adding a ton of sugar, as that tends to overpower the desired peanut butter flavor. Enter: powdered peanut butter (or “peanut flour”). This helped to both a) keep my filling peanut-buttery and delicious without additional sweetness and b) thicken my filling.



DIY Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

Yield: 8 to 12 eggs, depending on size


How to Make It

The filling:

Shape the filling:


The eggs:


Natalie Purcel

Natalie is respected in the recipe blogosphere not only for her mouthwatering kitchen creations on her personal blog <a href="">Wee Eats</a>, but for her attractive photography that always seem to gather quite the impressive social media audience.