It's noon. You've been staring at your cubicle walls all day, trying to figure out if you can pull off boredom-suicide with a canister of printer ink and a 30-year-old floppy disk that fell behind your cabinet in the 90s. Lunch is just around the corner, but will your egg salad really bring you around from this midday slump?

It can, with DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce, a condiment so fine it begs infomercial-esque prose! Described as a hot sauce combining Asian and Southwestern influences, plus a little ginger and sweetness (a la everyone's favorite Sriracha!), DoubleKick promises to excite your palette, and kick start your brain.

Just ignore that "IBS" comment by the first guy on the linked site. Because hot sauce + caffeine.

DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce $10 @DoubleKick Sauce

H/T ThinkGeek + PicThx Drool'D

Aziza Sullivan

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