Bobby Flay has constructed a line of burger sauces and rubs branded with the Bobby's Burger Palace logo face. Available online at his website and at his various restaurant locations.

  • Jalapeno Hot Sauce (5 oz.; $6): Add a few dashes to spice up a burger
  • Barbecue Sauce (9.7 oz.; $10): Perfect for brushing on a burger during the last few minutes of cooking or grilling, or simply use as condiment on a burger
  • Burger Rub (3.4 oz.; $8): This earthy combination of spices and ground chiles adds flavor to any burger of choice. Rub generously on one side of a burger just before cooking to add flavor and spice
  • Burger Sauce (9.6 oz.; $10): Shake well and drizzle this sweet and savory sauce over a cooked burger just before serving
  • Fry Sauce (9.7 oz.; $10): Serve with french fries
  • Chipotle Ketchup (9.7 oz; $6): Serve with french fries or use as a condiment on a burger. (Thx AHT)