Our Products channel covers things that are food-related, but not necessarily edible. Things such as utensils, appliances, containers and all other cooking and food accessories would be covered here. Also included in this Channel or new websites, smartphone apps and technologies.



2-in-1 Kickball Makes Ice Cream When You Roll and Kick It

August 29, 2014 // 11:35 am

Ah, kickball. The childhood pastime that’s infinitely easier than baseball and far less cardio than football. Sometimes after an epic game, it’s essential to treat yourself to some deliciously cold ice cream. Looks like you can cut the distance between the kickball field to the ice cream shop with…

These Cookie Cutters Combine Into the 47 Prefectures of Japan

August 28, 2014 // 1:04 pm

As terrible as it sounds for a guy nearing his thirties, I still have trouble naming all 50 states in one sitting. That being said, if the US had a cookie cutter set that compiled every individual state into the shape of a cookie, maybe I’d remember a little…

This New Knife Will Change the Way You Spread Butter Forever

August 26, 2014 // 12:39 pm

Perhaps the greatest thing about innovation is that anything can be changed or added upon, no matter how insanely simple it is.

That may be the thought behind a new and wildly popular Kickstarter campaign called “The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp” by self-described Australian butter enthusiasts DM Initiatives…

New Kickstarter Invention Lets You Create An Ice-Cold Coating Around Your Drinks

August 25, 2014 // 12:18 pm

What sets a good drink apart from a great drink can be as trivial a detail as temperature. While a nice cold drink can make your crazy day a little bit more bearable, an ice-cold drink can be the highlight of your week. Former bartender Daniel Kana knows the importance…

These Finger Condoms Are Designed for Messy Food

August 22, 2014 // 11:30 am

Since shaking people’s hands with greasy, buffalo-sauced fingers is usually frowned upon, someone in South Korea went ahead and invented finger condoms. Named FingerNaps, these mini plastic garbage bags slip right onto your digits. They’re made specifically for the sloppy sort of food: mayo-soaked burgers, slippery chicken…

These Tasty Socks Transform Into Giant Sushi When You Roll Them Up

August 17, 2014 // 9:56 pm

Here us out, just for a second.  Having your feet look like giant versions of your favorite sushi is actually super cool. These sushi-inspired socks, made by Tokyo Otaku Mode, an online store specializing in Japanese pop culture products, knits the details into the sock,…

Slide Whistle Straws Let You Drink Like a Cartoon Character

August 15, 2014 // 9:24 am

There’s an old episode of Spongebob Squarepants in which Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward get their hands on some slide whistles and proceed to add inappropriate sound effects to EVERYTHING in Bikini Bottom — from automatic doors opening to lover’s quarrels. While we don’t recommend being that insufferable, these “Wet…

This Topographic Tea Tray Has ‘Lake’ Drains for Spilled Tea

August 13, 2014 // 12:17 pm

Here in the states we probably don’t take tea as seriously as we should. And why don’t we? It’s delicious, healthy, and good for you without making you too much of a caffeine addict, and makes you sound delightfully pretentious when you tell your friends about your hybrid English/Oolong…

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