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LeBron James Apologizes to Neighbors with $2000 Worth of Cupcakes

July 24, 2014 // 12:29 pm

Good guy LeBron James dropped nearly $2000 on tasty cupcakes and sent them as an apology to his neighbors for the recent media circus surrounding his announcement to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The boxes of chocolate and cherry cola cupcakes were accompanied by a chic note, snapped by…

10 Clever Ways You Can Reuse a Banana Peel [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 24, 2014 // 9:35 am

Every year, Americans consume about 3.2 billion pounds of bananas. Do you know how many peels that amounts to? A whole heck of a lot. But the next time you chow down on this fruit, resist throwing out the peel, because there are lots of clever ways to reuse…

Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance Tapes from 2004, Shares Unexpected Findings on Craigslist

July 23, 2014 // 11:54 am

After a NYC restaurant began noticing that service had slowed down — despite the addition of new staff, a slimmer menu and the number of customers remaining the same since a decade ago — the joint hired a firm to help them solve this “mystery”.  Like a customer service…

How Much Countries Spend on Food, Based on Annual Income [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 23, 2014 // 10:46 am

When dishes like chicken mole pizza and a deep fried bacon wrapped turkey leg exist, it might seem like us Americans put a lot of time, energy and money into our diets. But compared to other countries, the average American spends a small amount of income on…

Artist Pens Heartwarming, Illustrated Guide to Ramen

July 23, 2014 // 2:04 am

Ramen, as any aficionado knows, can be an art form. The perfect combination of chewy wheat strings, seasoned broth, and choice protein is far more than a drunchie cure; it’s a revelation, great enough to inspire poetry, love songs, and yes, some really kick-ass drawings.…

Watch this 120 Pound Lady Destroy 13 Monster Food Challenges

July 22, 2014 // 4:50 pm

Molly Schuyler is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 120 pounds, but can eat a 72-ounce steak in less than three minutes. Schuyler is a competitive eater and taking a look at her videos, she can eat the hell out of anything, and fast.

She describes herself as just…

27 Food & Drink Items That Will Instantly Improve Any Party

July 22, 2014 // 3:58 pm

In a perfect world, everyone brings Costco sheet cake and whiskey to parties. In reality, you usually get stale chips and another party’s leftover Coors light. Hoping to improve the world of late night drunks, the people of Reddit were asked: What is the coolest thing I can take

DOPE: Artist Recreates Iconic Short Film ‘A Trip to the Moon’ Using Ice Cream

July 21, 2014 // 12:06 pm

Die-hard film buffs have probably seen the classic French short, Le Voyage Dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon). The 1902 silent film directed by cinema legend Georges Méliès. The picture made a huge resurgence in popular culture as a major plot point in the 2011 film, Hugo. Now…

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