WIENERGATE: Kraft Recalls 96,000 Pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners

April 21, 2014 // 12:46 am

Nothing worse than a mislabeled wiener, amirite?

That’s the case with this latest food recall from the Kraft Foods Group, where approximately 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners have succumbed to a labeling discrepancy.

Apparently, the Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners in questions may contain Classic Cheese Dogs in

7 Reasons Maple Syrup is Good for Something Other Than Pancakes

April 10, 2014 // 4:00 pm

Despite what Canada’s told you, maple syrup can do more than just soak your pancakes in sticky, magic sauce. The nectar of the dessert Gods packs a solid amount of nutrients that can benefit you in the long run and its versatility makes it an ingredient you…

Science Says Marinating Meat with Beer Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

April 8, 2014 // 12:01 pm

There’s nothing better than a cold one and some hot steaks on the grill. What’s not so fun is having Debbie downer tell you about all the carcinogens you’re inserting into your food along with the smoky, meaty flavor. Now you have a shot back. Turns out…

Why Your Brain Thinks Your Tongue is On Fire When You Eat Spicy Food

March 17, 2014 // 11:28 am

Ever wonder why spicy foods are so darn hot, and why you can’t stop eating them?  This video from Ruth Eveleth and Ted-Ed, which is chock full of hot (heh) food facts, will reveal everything you wanted to know about spicy food.

It turns out that when…

Buzzkill: Health Department Shuts Down the Awesome that is ‘Dumb Starbucks’

February 11, 2014 // 2:42 pm

After Nathan Fielder, host of Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, revealed himself to be the man behind “Dumb Starbucks,” the Los Angeles County Health Department swiftly shut the faux shop down.

A sign hanging on the window of the Hillhurst Avenue location says that it was “closed…

Science Says Drinking Guinness Makes You Bitter

February 10, 2014 // 10:59 am

Next time you and your friends are our for a pint, maybe hold off on the dark stout.  As tempting as it might be in this wintry weather, scientists have recently released a study suggesting that stout beer, Guinness in particular, might make you bitter. The study…

Despite State Laws, High Levels of Carcinogens Found in Soda

January 28, 2014 // 1:06 pm

A new investigation from Consumer Report discovered that a potential carcinogen is found in Pepsi One and other sodas.  While the cancer risks of soda aren’t (sadly) news, what is shocking is that the levels of a caramel coloring found in the drinks are well above what the…

New Law Requires California Bartenders to Wear Gloves on the Job

January 16, 2014 // 12:30 pm

If appears that California’s unpopular new law requiring culinary workers to wear gloves when handling food will also apply to those behind the bar. Bartenders must now wear gloves or utensils like tweezers when touching ingredients such as herbs, olives, lemon wedges and ice cubes.

Unfortunately, as in the…

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