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‘The One with the Free Coffee’ — Real ‘Friends’ Coffee Shop Coming to NYC

August 28, 2014 // 2:33 pm

In case that Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel left you feeling a little ho-hum, you may soon get a chance to bum around at 11 am on a workday on the actual big orange couch from the show, thanks to the upcoming Central Perk pop-up in New…

Watch the Trailer for Snack-Off, Rob Dyrdek’s New MTV Cooking Competition Show

July 7, 2014 // 10:32 am

If you’ve ever caught an episode of Food Network’s Chopped and wondered how come there wasn’t a show like that for the college-aged snack food-inspired generation, then Rob Dyrdek was wondering the same thing. Introducing Snack-Off, a half hour cooking competition show highlighted by a group of amateur chefs battling it…

Pizza Hut Teases Cheesy Bites Pizzas Coming July 7

June 28, 2014 // 12:11 pm

In honor of those pizza loving reptile heroes, aka, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pizza Hut is advertising new Cheesy Bites Pizzas that are set to debut July 7. As we reported last Fall, these Cheesy Bites Pizzas replace the crust with mini crust bites filled with cheese.…

Orange Is The New Black: The Cookbook Coming This Fall, Pornstache Not Included

June 21, 2014 // 2:00 pm

Earlier this month Netflix released season two of their original series, Orange Is The New Black. The show has become so incredibly popular that they have a food truck making stops across the country serving up crazy pyes and soft serve. With the majority of fans binge watching…

Latest Disney Short ‘Feast’ Combines Foodie Life and Dogs

June 12, 2014 // 5:45 am

As perfect as 2007′s Ratatouille was for food lovers and Disney fans, we understand if it’s a little hard to root for a rat cooking in your kitchen, touching your gourmet French foods. But a food movie about a dog? That we can totally get behind.

From the folks…

Hulu x Pizza Hut To Roll Out In-Commercial Online Pizza Ordering

May 2, 2014 // 4:49 pm

You’re in the middle of a 5-hour, binge-watching session. If you’re on Netflix, normally, the big red screen is nice enough to ask if you’re still alive and watching, but now, green competitor Hulu wants to do streamers one up, by letting you order pizza during your commercial breaks.…

[NSFW] Comedian’s Hilarious Argument on Why Girls Should Order Salad on the First Date

April 23, 2014 // 6:00 pm

According to Andrew Schulz, people who Instagram must always eat lukewarm food. You set up the shot, you watch the mayo drool drip off your sandwich and by the time you’re done getting the lighting right, you’re left with a soggy, skeetish mess.

The host of…

Ellen DeGeneres Orders Pizza to the Oscars, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About That

March 2, 2014 // 9:54 pm

One thing is for sure, Ellen DeGeneres sure knows how to host a show.

Midway through the 2014 Oscars ceremony, the charismatic host nonchalantly began soliciting interest from the star-studded audience about hunger and her future plans to order a pizza.

The unanimous level of interest from…

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