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Weekend Swoop: Olive Garden 3-Course Alfredo Dinner for $12

July 25, 2014 // 4:16 pm

Who: Olive Garden

What: For $11.99 you start with a soup or salad, plus unlimited breadsticks (the only reason you go to Olive Garden, really). Then, you can choose one of four Alfredo entrees (below) and end with a Chocolate Mousse Cake or any flavor Dolcini mini-dessert.


Baskin-Robbins Offers Angelenos $1.31 Scoops for Every Remaining 31st of 2014

July 24, 2014 // 6:29 pm

Who: Baskin-Robbins

What: Angelenos will get $1.31 4 oz scoops of any flavor. Usually the scoops go for $2.69.

Where: Participating Baskin-Robbins shops in Los Angeles only

When: On every remaining 31st of the year. The deal is a play off their “31 flavors” claim to fame. Shoot, how…

Half-Off Cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory Next Wednesday and Thursday

July 21, 2014 // 11:17 am

Who: The Cheesecake Factory AKA the Fattiest Sit-Down Restaurant In America

What: Is celebrating National Cheesecake Day by sabotaging your summer diet hardcore. That is, offering any cheesecake slice for half-price and effectively guaranteeing you’ll buy at least, like, five. They’re also debuting a new Lemon Meringue Cheesecake,…

Score a Free Small Slurpee Today With The 7-Eleven App

July 19, 2014 // 10:00 am

Who: 7-Eleven
 Free small Slurpee of your choice if you have the new 7-Eleven smartphone app (yes, they just gave away free Slurpees about a week ago, but they’re doing it again…but only if you have the app)
Where: All participating 7-Eleven locations
When: Saturday, July 19


How to Get Free Ice Cream Delivered to You This Weekend

July 18, 2014 // 6:01 pm

Who: Postmates

What: Delivery service Postmates announced that they will bring you FREE ice cream on-demand. Of course, before the frozen treat reaches your lips, you must 1) Download their app and find the “Free Ice Cream On-Demand” store 2) Choose whether you want chocolate, vanilla or…

Domino’s Has 1/2-Off Pizza Online Deal

July 14, 2014 // 12:34 pm

Who: Domino’s

What: Half-off any regularly-priced pizza when you order it online. Domino’s has run this deal a handful of times this year alone, in hopes of owning the digital ordering game.

Where: Online only.

When: Monday, July 14 to Sunday, July 20.

H/T BrandEating

Grab a Free Big Gulp at 7-Eleven Today

July 12, 2014 // 12:00 pm

Who: 7-Eleven
What: Free Big Gulp fountain drink (via the 7-Eleven mobile app)
Where: All 7-Eleven locations
When: Saturday, July 12

H/T Brand Eating

7-Eleven Slushes Out the Free Slurpees on July 11

July 8, 2014 // 4:00 pm

Who: 7-Eleven

What: Show up at any 7-Eleven store on July 11 (Get it?) and get a free small slurp.

Where: All participating 7-Eleven locations while supplies last.

When: July 11, 2014 from 11 am to 7 pm.

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