Bakeable, Crunchy Edible Cupcake Wrappers


Cupcakes are amazing, but there’s nothing worse than an overeager bite that accidentally gets some pasty paper instead of delicious cake. Well, you won’t have to worry anymore, you cupcake devour-er you. Edible cupcake wrappers are now available from Dr. Oetker, and they’re just as magical as you’d expect.

The edible wrappers come in gorgeous pastel colors, are made from a crispy wafer-like material, and can stand up on their own, so you don’t even need a cupcake pan.  Just plop these babies on a baking sheet, add your batter, and soon you’ll have enough tiny cakes for all your friends. The wrappers are also bake stable, so they can stand a hot oven, but will still retain their crunch when you bite into them. They’re also, you guessed it, gluten-free.

Each pack of six is just over four dollars, but honestly, we’d be willing to pay for peace of mind and no paper in our mouths.

Picthx Dr. Oetker

Nora Landis-Shack was born to be a foodie. With a classically trained French chef for a father, she’s been exploring new tastes since she was big enough to help chop vegetables for dinner. Pig’s feet, frog’s legs, and tripe are delicious child’s play. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t love a great steak. Because she does. With frites, please.

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  • Linda Lovelush

    I was excited until I learned the price. If it was $4 for a pack of 12, I’d buy them. But not 6. Cupcake making usually results in about 12 cakes and if a pack of 6 is more than $4, I’d have to buy 2 packs and that’s nearly 10 bucks for one batch of cupcakes.


    • Anonymous

      $4 is going to stop you from trying them?

      • Lydia

        Yes…yes it would.

      • Linda Lovelush

        Most likely, yes. They’re over $4, apparently.

        Again, if it was for a pack of 12, sure I’d buy them. But not for just 6. I can put the cupcakes directly into the baking pan without adding any cupcake holder at all and it would cost me nothing extra. My boys don’t care, they’ll eat them regardless. And to make a batch of 12 cakes, these edible holders would cost me nearly $10 on top of buying cupcake mix and frosting.

        Think I’ll pass, until they come down in price (if that happens) or I can find a good deal on them somewhere. Maybe I’ll eventually catch them at the dollar store for $3 or something like that. I live on a budget and have 2 boys (my son and his dad) to feed, I can’t afford to be buying cutesie little extras that aren’t going to make a difference to the boys anyway.

    • Balooh

      Yes I agree. Not really worth it. I would certainly try them though and maybe get them for special occasions, but not something I would regularly use.

      • Linda Lovelush

        Like I said below, maybe one day I’ll catch them at the dollar store for cheaper than the grocery store.

  • lukuj

    I think I will muddle through with good old CHEAP paper, though these are very tempting. By the time I paid for the cups and cupcake ingredients, it would be cheaper to buy gourmet cupcakes. Someday if I ever get really rich…

  • Kim

    I agree I would pay $4 for 12 but not for 6.

    • Linda Lovelush


  • salt

    Maybe we can learn how bake them ourselves?

    • Linda Lovelush

      Interesting idea.